Advice for Common Types of Projects


Research and Seminar Papers

Overview of writing research papers (from the Purdue OWL)

Part 1: How do I want to grow?

Part 2: What do I need to do?

Part 3: How do I begin the research and writing process?


Theological Writing

Principles of Hermeneutics

Choosing a Passage or Topic

Outlining an Exegetical Paper

Working with Commentaries (Moody LibGuide)

Logos Resources for Exegetical Writing

Logos Search Features for Exegetical Writing

Working with Verbs


Genre-specific Advice

Rhetorical Analysis

Reviews (Informative, Reflective, and Critical)

Compare/Contrast (from the Duke Writing Center)

Response Paper (from the Duke Writing Center)

Annotated Bibliographies

Exegetical Papers (advice from Logos)

Abstracts (from the Duke Writing Center)

Literature Reviews (from the UNC Writing Center)


Sermon Principles

Narrative Sermons


Literary Analysis

Overview of how to analyze a passage

Close Reading (Analyzing passages)

Analyzing language


Guides for Writing in Non-theological Disciplines

Writing for Different Disciplines • Southwestern University

This set of guides includes tips for communication, education, psychology, philosophy, and music.