The Writing Center at Moody


The Writing Center is the "go-to" place for anyone who wants to become a stronger writer.

Our free services are available to all Moody students, no matter the campus. Just click on our scheduling link (to the right) to make an appointment. We offer three kinds of modalities for appointments: on-campus, email, and video. 

Bring any kind of writing

We can help with any writing project related to your academic or professional life.

  • That means you may bring papers from any Moody Course (unless the instructor does not allow tutors). We can help with everything from narratives, to personal reflections, to research projects.
  • The Career Development Center is the first place you should go for writing related to your professional development (e.g. internship applications, resumes, and grad school applications, etc.). Once you see them, we can assist with any additional help you may need finalizing your documents.

If you aren't sure if we can help, ask us.

Come at any point in your process

Still trying to get started? We can help.

Almost finished? We can help then too.

Wherever you are in your thinking, planning, writing, or revision process, we can help you get to the next step.

Get help with your paper

When you visit the Writing Center, we will talk with you about your paper in-progress. By the end of the session, our goal is to help you improve your paper and give you at least one strategy you can use in future papers.

Take away writing strategies for the future

What kind of strategies can you learn? We can help you:

Develop good writing habits

  • Learn how to read an assignment prompt and talk with your professor
  • Assess your own writing strengths and weaknesses
  • Structure your writing process
  • Discover how to ask others good questions about your writing
  • Practice revising beyond the sentence-level
  • Learn to proofread your own writing

Learn the "ropes" of academic writing

  • Distinguish between academic and non-academic writing
  •  Find strategies for coming up with ideas
  • Craft thesis statements and arguments
  • Find, analyze, integrate, and correctly cite sources
  • Write more clearly and concisely
  • Master common genres, like research papers and reflections

Transition to advanced academic writing

  • Plan and write longer research papers
  • Write for specific disciplines (journalism, psychology, etc.)
  • Find strategies for collaborative writing projects
  • Manage large numbers of sources; organize your research notes
  • Develop a strong writing voice and style
  • Navigate critical reviews, literature reviews, and primary research projects

Jumpstart your professional development

  • Understand internship applications
  • Create strong job letters and resumes
  • Prepare for graduate school applications
  • Learn the rules of professional correspondence
  • Appeal to your readers in grant proposals
  • Revise for publication

And lots more! Come see us today to discover how we can help you

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